The ‘Not Writing’ Blues

Much has been written about the challenges of writing: teaching slugs to tap-dance would be easier. But what about ‘not writing’? For me, my ‘not writing’ phases are immeasurably harder than my writing phases. When I don’t write, I feel out of sorts. Restless. I do some work. I think about writing. I play with my kids. I think about writing. I cook (burn) dinner. I think about writing. I watch a DVD. I think about writing. The only positive is that when I’m not writing, I read more – but then if I love the book, my fingers itch to write.

The solution, no doubt, is to write daily: to not structure my life so that I write for a few weeks, and then work for a couple of months solid, but to juggle both each day. But I’ve found it doesn’t suit me to just dip into my writing for a little time each day. Ideally, I want immersion. To be a binge writer, I guess.

Until the (mythic?) point that I can down tools for good with my work, and fill my time with writing for myself, I have to find ways to combat the ‘Not Writing’ Blues. Here’s my approach:

In case you’re wondering, the Lego play is with my kids. Honestly. I’ve never sat with a bucket of Lego bricks building towers after they’re in bed…

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