Three memories of music geekery

Geek has become the new chic. Sadly, back in my teens, that wasn’t the case. I was a geek, and not so much in a ‘Oh, isn’t she different but also cool with it’ kind of way. To illustrate, I’m sharing today three memories of music geekery.

1. I was in Newquay on holiday with my father one summer when the waitress in a restaurant let slip that Take That had just arrived and were staying at the iconic Headland Hotel ready for their performance on the beach the next day in the Radio One Roadshow. I made my poor dad walk a very long way across the very wide Newquay beach to said hotel, where I touched it – TOUCHED the building Take That were inside – and then we walked all the way back. The next day, in a sea of people on the beach, my father and I watched Take That arrive in cars, not having stayed the night nearby at all. Ah well. My dad at least was treated to the ‘superb’ dance routine that accompanied ‘Pray’:

2. My sister took me to my first Proper Concert when I was thirteen: the Smash Hits arena tour. There, I was BLOWN AWAY by PJ and Duncan, now known as Ant and Dec, doing this:

My friends and I got tickets forTop of the Pops, and travelled to London in a state of mass excitement to be audience members, which basically involved us and all the other kids there desperately trying to get our faces on camera. I have a video recording of the show somewhere in which you see at least half of my nose. Awesome. The highlight of the day for my friend Sarah (unspeakably less geeky than me) was watching Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene perform. The highlight of the day for me? Hot Chocolate:

So there you have it. Uber geek. Now, having humiliated myself enough for one day, I’m off to do some writing at a local cafe, where I absolutely will not be singing along to the cheesy music playing over the sound system. Unless it’s the B-52s, obviously. ‘Love Shack! L-l-love shack, baby…’

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