Dance to stir your soul: Sergei Polunin’s, ‘Take Me to Church’

Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’ has been one of my main writing songs for months now (though I tend to listen to Ed Sheeran’s cover in the Live Lounge). So of course I was going to click a link to a ballet performance to this music. And holy smoke am I glad I did. What a start to a day! This is poetry in motion.

My little boy wandered past as I was watching the video for the second time, and came to sit on my knee and check it out. Afterwards, I asked him what he thought.

‘Isn’t the dancer amazing?’ I said. ‘Isn’t the story he tells with his body moving?’

His response: ‘Mummy, where is that room he’s dancing in? Because those bushes look like the ones in Jurassic Park – he’d better stop dancing and RUN!’

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