Extra Stories

** Spoiler alert: these stories contain BIG spoilers for the Ceruleans series. Please don’t read on until after you have read the Ceruleans books. You have been warned!**

A Question of Faith

circle1Ceruleans prequel; Luke and Cara

In Devil and the Deep and Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully, Luke is deeply afraid of Scarlett getting drawn into a dark need for vengeance. There wasn’t scope in the books to explore exactly why that so frightened him. Here, I give you a glimpse of Luke’s own journey on that path. The story is set two years before Luke met Scarlett.

Chance Encounter

circle3Ceruleans revisited; Scarlett and Jude

In Wild Blue Yonder, Scarlett uses her light to heal for the first time when she encounters a new mother who is in pain. I always wondered about that mother: who she was and how crossing paths with Scarlett may have been significant in her own story. So I decided to revisit the healing scene, and explore how it is to be healed by a Cerulean.

His Oberon

circle4Ceruleans revisited; Michael and Jude

When it comes to complexity, Michael is king. There’s a lot going on inside him that he can’t share with anyone. He’s a doubting Judas – but no one can know that. He’s a son and a brother – but no one can know that. He’s a flesh-and-blood ghost – but no one can know that. As if these weren’t burdens enough to bear, Michael is keeping another harrowing secret about who he is. And this one he’ll take to his grave.

Turn Me

circle2Ceruleans sequel (Vindicos); Cara and Gabriel

Of all the characters in the Ceruleans, Cara is the one I’ve found the hardest to walk away from – because she loudly berates me for not giving her a story of her own. (“Look at me, Wilson: I’ve got heroine written all over me. I’m like Katniss Everdeen without the perma-scowl. Well, and the arrows… ooo, Arrow! Felicity Smoak. I can do geek chic – just give me a shot.”) So here you go, Miss Cavendish: a glimpse of what’s in store for you.


Ceruleans revisited; Scarlett, Luke and Jack

In Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully, Luke and Scarlett kindly – and somewhat naively – offer to help raise Jack. I was curious to know how they coped with being plunged into surrogate parenting, and I was also curious about this little boy whose mother Became more than human while carrying him. Here’s a scene that takes place before the epilogue of Book 5.


Ceruleans prequel; Estelle and Adam

I wrote this short story for the anniversary of The Ceruleans’ publication. I had been wondering about Estelle from the day she walked – silently – onto the page in Wild Blue Yonder. Who was this strong, edgy, intelligent young woman who obeyed the rules of Cerulea? Had she always? Or had she been tempted to sin?